Welcome to Bicycle and Rider!

We are a site dedicated to providing interesting news, meaningful reviews, and industry analysis on the world of cycling.

Over the next few weeks we will be working to get our new site up and running. One of our main priorities will be to transfer the content off of our old blog over to the new and improved site. So if you are a regular reader, you will see many things that you have already read.

More importantly, we have a bunch of fresh content in the pipeline. We are hoping to get some reviews finished up and posted in the coming weeks so we can devote our full attention to covering Interbike 2014.

Speaking of Interbike, is there something that you are particularly interested in that may not get covered? Have questions for certain brands and manufacturers? Drop us a line in the comments section and we will do our best to get you some answers.

Right now, we are most curious about some of the trends and how each company is planning to navigate them. Particularly road tubeless, road discs, thru-axles, aerodynamics, helmet tech (MIPS), BB standards and solutions, and wide rims. Just to name a few.

In the mean time, enjoy the ride!