Book Review: The Feed Zone Cookbook

The new year is just a couple weeks old and tis the season for resolutions - whether to see more of our family, lose some weight, get organized or quit drinking, we all have a renewed sense of optimism with the promise of a fresh start. After the traditional eating, drinking and general making merry over the holidays, many look to clean up their act in the weeks after and we’ve got just the ticket. It’s called the Feed Zone Cookbook (those who follow racing will no doubt be familiar with the term) and is the perfect tool to take a good look at your diet as a cyclist and see if there’s any improvements to be made.

Before you throw a leg over the top tube, it can be a challenge to know what exactly to eat, how much, and when. Once you’re on the road, it doesn’t get any easier with countless pre packaged chews, gels, bars and drinks to really confuse the situation. Finally when you’ve completed that century, you’re not done there, as recovery is such an important part of sport performance. The Feed Zone Cookbook is there every step of the way giving you tools and knowhow to better understand how nutrition works, and how it fits in with everyone's unique physique and preferences.

The scientific expertise behind this cookbook comes from Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s got a solid academic backing with his doctorate from CU Boulder and has worked closely with athletes at the very top of the sport including pro teams RadioShack and Garmin-Cervelo. He’s also a great writer and a compelling speaker whose Ted talk is definitely worth the fifteen minutes if you have the time. It’s all assembled by Chef Biju Thomas also from the Boulder area into delicious and simple to prepare recipes that really do taste great. The introduction is a thorough education into the science of nutrition and a crash course in physiology that every athlete should read - I was pleasantly surprised by this part and I highly recommend taking the time. The book is then broken up into Breakfast, Portables, Apres, Dinner, Desserts and finally Basics and some very well thought through appendices. You could realistically learn to cook using only this book - and with minor effort find yourself able to prepare a vast array of healthy and easy meals.

Without giving too much away here, I can say that I purchased a copy more than a year ago and have used it constantly ever since. For everything from pancakes for breakfast, Allen’s sushi rice cakes on rides, to an entire traditional Thanksgiving meal for my parents, this book can truly do almost anything quickly and with very little headache.

There’s no question that the authors have done their homework in the making of this book and the finished product is very polished and professional. Each recipe is accompanied by a high quality (and realistic) photo of the finished product and throughout there are tips on leftover storage, recipe substitutions and other foods that go well with each recipe - it’s very well done. I would highly recommend the Feed Zone Cookbook to anyone, and it’s demonstrated clearly to me that you can eat healthy, simply and great tasting even while pedaling a bike.

You can get more info about the book including how to get your hands on it here

Stay tuned for a look at the newest member of the Feed Zone family - a cookbook devoted entirely to Portables!