Welcome to Bicycle and Rider!

A blog for all things cycling

This is a project that we have been discussing for a few months, but have not been able to get off the ground until now. Blame it on the beautiful fall weather, we have just been too busy riding to do any writing! Now the snow is piling up, and with it, free time. Welcome to Bicycle and Rider!

Who are we?
We are a couple of guys who spend an inordinate amount of time riding, building, fixing, reading, talking, and thinking about bicycles, cycling, and the industry surrounding it. So we thought we would add writing to that list of verbs. We do not profess to be 'experts' on anything or pretend that what is written here should be looked upon as The One and Only Truth. We started this site as a place to share our thoughts on the world of bikes with everyone: from the seasoned cyclist, to people interested in bikes but don’t know where to start.

We intend to be a source of news, reviews and opinions on the world of cycling. As the site grows and develops, the focus may shift but we will always endeavor to post compelling and interesting ‘two wheel’ content. We will often post stories and links written on other great cycling sites, giving full credit to their site and authorship. We feel that if there is a good story that our readers should know about, we will post it. We will never pass off someone's work as our own.

For original content, we have a collection of bike and gear reviews on the docket (Look for a future post breaking down how we intend to rate and review bikes), as well as tech how-to articles. In addition, we plan to have a series of pieces on various trends and developments in the cycling world. The content will likely have an Op-Ed element to it, expressing the opinions of the authors/editors of this blog, and while you may not agree, we would love to hear your thoughts.

We welcome posting comments, questions, constructive criticism, and having open and respectful debates and discussions. What we do NOT welcome (and will actively police) is any sort of hate speech, anger, or vitriol that can come with online discussions. If the things that we state here make you so angry that your head will explode if you don't get to express it in an all-caps, expletive laced rant, then our best advice would be not to read it in the first place. And maybe get out for a ride to let some steam off (grin).

Ultimately, our goals for this site are simple: provide quality content and have some fun doing it. If what we write here in some way makes your experience more meaningful or broadens your horizons, then we could not ask for anything more.

The world of cycling has provided us with so much in our lives, and we hope this site, in some small way, can be a place for us to give back. This is our view from the saddle.

Enjoy the ride!
The Bicycle and Rider Team